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Our Story

Created by Corinne Quin in 2004, the Timekeeper began life as a tall, longcase wind-up clock with a hundred years of thread to measure a lifetime. After a number of commissions and exhibitions Corinne finally decided to develop the Timekeeper as a product when she became pregnant in 2013. She now has a clock that is growing with her daughter, Audrey. The Timekeeper is made in London and assembled in small batches in Hackney.

What is it? What is it?


The Timekeeper collects the time that has passed since an important moment in life. Time is measured as a length of thread that winds around itself, slowly growing into a cocoon as the years go by. You decide what time to record - from a life, a relationship, a promise, to any significant stretch. Over the years the Timekeeper becomes a beautiful and tactile living memento, unique to its owner.

How it works

How it works

The Timekeeper starts on the day of the occasion. Thread winds upwards from a cotton reel onto the brass spindle at the rate of one revolution per day. As time passes the thread gathers and accumulates into a colourful cocoon. You can mark special dates, turning points and eras in time by changing the colour of the cotton reel and tying on the new thread. The Timekeeper is made from solid ash, perspex and brass fittings.

w150 x h150 x d100mm.

Personalise your Timekeeper


Each Timekeeper comes inscribed with the name and the date of your significant moment to make it unique. A log card allows you to keep a record of when the thread is changed, the occasion and the colour. The Timekeeper can be supplied to mark an occasion in the past. We pre-wind days, months and years of thread, so you can mark your grandmothers 80th, 30 years in business, a golden wedding anniversary, or your child’s 1st birthday.


Follow the steps below to design your bespoke Timekeeper.

Timekeepers retail at £175.00 with an additional fee of £15.00 to prewind.

Once you have submitted a request one of our team will be in touch.

Orders are on a 4 week lead time. If you'd like your Timekeeper sooner than this, please contact us.

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